Friday, May 21, 2010


How many words can I use to describe an uninteresting goal-less draw with barely any decent action? In about five minutes you're going to find out. Actually, what I'll do is write enough to cover the depth of a photo and then stop. The match I was referring to is Santa Pola's most recent home game against Alguena.
Nobody scored, nobody seemed to even try to score and it was refereed by a bloke called Mut Bolufer, no seriously, that's his name. Actually, it's a bit harsh saying no-one tried, so I apologise to the Santa Pola players, none of whom shirked their responsibilities. In the end, however hard you work, as the saying goes you can't polish a turd, or something like that. I attempted to here with my match report, so see for yourselves whether or not I managed to add a lustre to some of the brown stuff.

Santa Pola 0 - 0 Alguena

Anyway, back to the original question, the answer is one hundred and seventy nine!!

Photo - Mut, (or was that gut), Bolufer.

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