Sunday, October 25, 2009

Please can we have our idiot back?

Santa Pola meekly surrendered their unbeaten start to the season with a low key performance against a mediocre El Campello side who played very well but, for sure, will not be in the shake up at season's end.
Missing key players through injury and suspension 'Pola never really got going and had to contend with a referee who struggled all game long to assert any kind of control over proceedings.

At regular intervals, pint sized plonker Francisco Paya Moya, had both sets of fans shrugging their shoulders at each other in utter bemusement. Presumably, the Alicante official thought ahead and included in his match day kit a pencil sharpener, he really didn't enjoy his best ninety minutes.

It mattered not, even the most one eyed Santa Pola aficionado, (me), knew from early on today was always going to end in tears. Tears though are cool, but most certainly not when brought on by exasperation and frustration. For reasons known only to himself, Sr.Moya had a bit of a Saturday evening spelling lesson, booking eleven players and the Santa Pola physio. A little later, to make his job even easier, dear old Francisco flourished a couple of red cards too, thereby ensuring only eleven visiting players and nine locals ended up subject to his curious interpretation of the rules.

To be honest, Santa Pola were never at the races and the eventual 3-2 scoreline flattered them, disjointed for the most part, only when a fortuitous point against a weakened local side presented itself did they come to life. In the end, a valiant El Campello rearguard protected all three points, ably assisted by painfully slow substitutions and a time wasting effort reminiscent of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Meanwhile, concerned villagers were delighted to see their resident retard back in the neighbourhood, with luck, they'll schedule their next "care in the community" project during the months of June and July when there is no possibility of something important like a football match being spoilt.

Images: Top - "busy" Campello and 'Pola team sheets and right - the clueless match ref'

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