Saturday, October 10, 2009

Reasons to be cheerful, or not, in some cases.

The good folk on the board of Alone de Guardamar FC, all of whom are British, very thoughtfully scheduled their home game against Santa Pola for five o'clock on a Friday, which also happened to be a local holiday. Their reward for thinking ahead was a huge crowd, two thirds of whom went home a bit disappointed having just witnessed the Marineros systematically dismantle their local favourites.

0-3 was the final score and yesterday saw youthful and lanky striker Adriano shove his colleagues roughly aside and grab the glory after a virtuoso performance during which he scored a couple and made the third. Maybe I'm a bit of a simpleton, but that's the kind of result, against a decent team in their own backyard, that has me gurning from ear to ear all weekend. I'm sure football fans amongst my readership understand how little it takes to put a gormless look on your face for three days at the beginning of the new working week, I certainly hope so!

Adriano's goals came either side of a strike by Chema he helped to create from a delicious through ball with the outside of his right foot that caught the Alone back four square. The twenty two players, assorted subs and three officials could all have saved themselves forty five minutes by not bothering with the second half because the score at the break was also the final result.

At about five past seven, just as the sizeable Santa Pola contingent were heading back to the car park with an interesting selection of facial expressions, the club President, Jose Manuel Gonzalez, was overheard bemoaning the fact that Santa Pola, playing so well and scoring for fun, were starting to cost him a fortune in bonuses. I don't know, some people!

PHOTO'S: El Presidente (by Mark Welton) pictured before Adriano (above) started costing him money

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