Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sack the kit man

You'd have thought that a club like Recreativo de Huelva, who've been at it longer than anyone in Spanish football, could have dug out eleven shirts that that actually matched wouldn't you? Not so it seems because at least three of their players in yesterdays match away to Elche sported last season's change shirt. Perhaps not such a big deal I grant you if the team in question are representing The White Horse pub on a Sunday morning, but come on, this is the national second division we're talking about.

In the end, Elche ignored the contrasting colour schemes of their opponents, gave them a goal start and responded with three of their own before conceding a dubious penalty with fifteen minutes remaining. A 3-2 win earned the struggling Franjiverde's a very welcome three points as they start the climb away from the Segunda 'A' basement with only their second win in seven attempts.

Six days into his new job, Elche manager Jose "Pepe" Bordalas can afford to smile, not though because of the bungle by Recre's
"utillero" but much more to do with the way his new charges responded to going a goal behind. Showing character hitherto unseen, they had the lions share of possession in the second half and looked considerably more confident than in recent weeks.

Aside from the "wardrobe malfunction" Elche had a bit of an embarrassing moment of their own too, courtesy of Brazilian full back Carleto, a close season loan signing from Valencia C.F. Mid way through the second half, after a lengthy spell of treatment, the defender went down again and signalled to the bench he couldn't continue. Concerned Huelva forward Barrales politely bent down to ask after his welfare and accompanied his gesture with a gentle slap on the face, at this point the mortally wounded South American leapt to his feet and squared up to his assailant before collapsing in a pile a second time amidst hoots of derision. Cock!

Next time Recreativo appear live on telly check out what they're wearing.

Top - Odd man out Raul Camara
Middle - Three much needed points for The Mister
Bottom - Carleto, up and down quicker than a whores drawers 

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