Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shock and awe

PHOTO: Marcos (19) looks petrified, he needn't have worried, this Aspe free kick eventually sailed yards over.

Santa Pola C.F. ushered in October with a thoroughly deserved 4-0 win after a faultless display against Aspe. Today was the Chema and Paloma show, each of whom scored to cap brilliant individual performances. Quite simply Aspe had no answer to the slick passing and movement of a Santa Pola side where all ten outfield players shone for the entire ninety minutes.

Missing regular starters Jose Fran Molina and Mario Fernandez through injury, Santa Pola, after a nervy opening settled quickly and the confident swagger borne of a five match unbeaten run was soon evident. In recent games the signs have been there and today everything clicked, Aspe copped a pasting and were lucky it was only four.

The way Santa Pola were playing it was surprising the opening goal took so long to arrive, even then it was a tad on the scruffy side. Judging by his exuberant celebration, that didn't seem to bother scorer Miguel Tari in the slightest as he stuffed a miscued clearance from a corner over the line from a yard out.

By now Paloma and Chema were starting to enjoy themselves just a bit, a superb ball by Carlos Fernandez found Paloma in space, an inch perfect cross and Adriano did the business close in for 2-0. Paloma again was the provider for goal number three, Chema got on the end of yet another pin point cross with his head to give Aspe the good news. A sickening and unpunished body check on Chema, who, by now was running the Aspe back four ragged, sparked an ugly and avoidable melee. The kind of skirmish the logical award of a penalty would have strangled at birth.

PHOTO: Paloma (left) and Chema celebrate

Scorer turned provider with five minutes remaining, when Chema did the Aspe full-back for pace, squared the ball into the box for the gleeful Paloma to slap home side footed. Four-nil was the final score, it could easily have been fourteen, 'Pola were that good! Shock and awe? Yup, Aspe were shocking and Santa Pola were awesome. Even a plague of starving hungry mutant mosquitos the size of small birds couldn't put a dampener on things.

Final score Santa Pola 4 - 0 Aspe

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